Alison Henderson
Romance Fiction with Warmth and Wit

I write the kind of books I like to read, feel good books. Whether historical or contemporary, deeply emotional or laugh-out-loud funny, I hope my stories will whisk you away from everyday worries to a world where happily-ever-after reigns supreme.
Boiling Point, the second book in the Phoenix, Ltd. female bodyguard series, is a fast-paced, fun contemporary romance, featuring a pair of undercover bodyguards working at cross purposes, a selection of unlikely suspects, and a robotic sous-chef named GRAMPA. Click on the  Bookshelf tab above to read more and purchase. Now available in both ebook and paperback!
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Book #3 in the Phoenix, Ltd. female bodyguard series. 

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My big news is the release of Undercover Nanny, the third and final book in the Phoenix, Ltd. all-female bodyguard series! This book pits a novice bodyguard against kidnappers, extortionists, antiquities smugglers, and one bad-tempered, light-fingered monkey as she protects the young niece of a handsome archaeology professor. To purchase, click on the Bookshelf tab above.