Alison Henderson
Romance Fiction with Warmth and Wit

Weston, Missouri,
After losing her father, brother, and husband to violence, a pregnant young widow wants nothing more to do with men and their guns. Will she reconsider for the determined lawman who comes to her aid when she needs help the most?

Ozark Mountains, 
Como Bluff, Wyoming, 
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When the only daughter of the town judge chases her runaway fiance', a disillusioned ex-outlaw, deep into the Ozark Mountains, what could possibly go wrong?

A dedicated paleontologist discovers more than she bargained for when a not-quite-dead body turns up at her dig site. Her troubles compound when the handsome stranger awakens convinced she's his two-timing fiancee'.

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Things aren’t going Madelyn Li’s way. Her bodyguard agency is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, her grandmother keeps hatching plots to marry her off, and someone is trying to kill her latest client. All she wants is to safely escort thriller writer and former CIA agent Carter Devlin on his cross country book tour and collect her check.
Light the fire, heat the cider, and lose yourself in this collection of ten short holiday romances. Each story is set in a different fictional small town, from coast to coast, Maine to California. Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, they're sure to warm your heart and put you in a holiday mood.
Desperate to escape her abusive fiancé, kinetic sculptor Laurel McDowell pawns her engagement ring, loads everything she owns into her VW Beetle, and heads for the sanctuary of her family home in Big Sur. She lands a job in an art gallery in picturesque Carmel-by-the-Sea and begins a new life.

After her ex’s body washes up on the beach, Laurel finds herself dragged into a scheme involving money-laundering Russians, a pair of amiable biker gang members, and a good-looking government number-cruncher who’s more comfortable in a T-shirt and shorts than a suit.

As a forensic accountant for the FBI, Jake Carlson is used to nailing bad guys by following the money trail. His current investigation is floundering until he meets Laurel McDowell, a young woman with connections to an alarming number of his suspects. Is she a witness, an accomplice, or a victim? All he has to do is to keep her alive long enough to find out.

Zoe Hargrove’s first solo assignment as a bodyguard is off to a rocky start. She’s expected to work undercover as a personal chef—a potential disaster since she can barely burn water—and her culinary assistant will be the client’s latest invention, a robotic sous chef named GRAMPA. There’s also a dangerously handsome chauffeur who looks more like a prize fighter than a car jockey, and Zoe suspects he’s hiding secrets of his own.
Kidnapping. Extortion. Antiquities smuggling. Add one light-fingered, bad-tempered monkey, and it’s all in a day’s work for novice bodyguard Casey Callahan when she’s hired to protect the five-year-old niece of a handsome archaeology professor.