Alison Henderson
Romance Fiction with Warmth and Wit

I write the kind of books I like to read, feel good books. Whether historical or contemporary, deeply emotional or laugh-out-loud funny, I hope my stories will whisk you away from everyday worries to a world where happily-ever-after reigns supreme.
Undercover Nanny, the third and final book in the Phoenix, Ltd. female bodyguard series, is a fast-paced, fun contemporary romance, featuring kidnapping, extortion, antiquities smuggling, and one bad-tempered, light-fingered monkey. Click on the  Bookshelf tab above to read more and purchase. Now available in both ebook and paperback!
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Book #1 in the new Cypress Coast series. 

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My big news is the recent release of SECOND WIND, the first book in my brand new Cypress Coast series, set in and around Carmel and Big Sur, California. In this book, a sculptor comes home to escape an abusive fiancé, only to be dragged into a plot involving money-laundering Russians, a pair of amiable biker gang members, and a good-looking government number-cruncher who’s more comfortable in a T-shirt and shorts than a suit. SECOND WIND is now available in ebook and paperback To order, click on the Bookshelf tab above.